Versilcraft was founded in 1964 by Marco Pezzini,a passionate sailor who had a vision to create a range of yachts renowned for their speed and quality. Marco quickly became one of the era’s greatest success stories in Italian yacht building. By the 1980s, Versilcraft was considered to rank in the top five yacht brands produced in the country.

Many yacht owners became incredibly loyal to Versilcraft because of the reliability and quality that the name represents. A number of popular models werewidely embraced over the years; the Phantom, Mystere, Vanguard and Planet were seen in marinas across the globe thanks to the passion and craftsmanship of those behind the name.

In 2000, Marco’s son Andrea took the helm of the company, adding two superyacht models to the fleet, and taking the tally of yachts produced by Versilcraft to over 600 in just five decades.

With Andrea’s untimely passing in 2012, it was thought that the Versilcraft name might be lost forever. But fortunately, one of Versilcraft’s longest-standing and most loyal clients, who had ordered no less than five of its yachts over two decades, felt compelled to continue the work that the Pezzini family had started. And so, the name Versilcraft has thankfully been revived.

One of the driving forces behind Versilcraft today is Pat Moyzes. Having acted as a representative for the current owner of the company throughout his new build projects at the company since 1985, in 1996 Pat went on to join Versilcraft in-house for several years before the passing of founder Marco. He is therefore perfectly placed to bridge the gap between original dynasty of the Pezzini family with the company today. With decades of yacht construction project management under his belt, Pat has overseen the reincarnation of the Versilcraft brand and its newest developments over the last two years.